120mm Esprit Triplet APO Refractor

100mm Esprit Triplet APO Refractor

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Optical Design Achromatic Refractor
Lens Material FPL-53 ED
Diameter 100mm
Focal Length 550mm
F/ratio F/5.5
Resoving Power 1.16 arc sec
Finderscope 9x50mm Right Angle
Focuser diameter 2.7”
Eyepiece(s) 28mm LET
Tube Weight 7.39kg
Tube Dimension(dia. x length) 24.5″ Extended, 17.3″ Retracted
Imaging Circle 40mm
Field Flattener Included
Focal Reducer 0.79x Optional
Dew Shield Retractable
Dovetail D Style
Back Focus W/FF 69.8mm
Carry Case Aluminium


Standard accessories may vary. Contact your local distributor for details

ED Triplet APO Refractor was designed by Sky-Watcher with astro-imagers in mind!

The air-spaced ED APO optics are fully multi-coated for extra clarity, contrast, and protection. Designed for the most demanding Astrophotographer, but also delivering exceptional visual observing. The two-element feld flattener, which comes standard with the Sky-Watcher Esprit, will ensure pin point stars across the entire focal plane. This system produces a full frame imaging circle, and you have plenty of back focus for additional imaging accessories.
The Helinear Track Focusing System, a Sky-Watcher exclusive, is a rock-solid 3” rack & pinion focuser that will perform smoothly, without any image shift. Capable of holding 10kg. The micro focuser allows you to make course and fine adjustments to the focus.

Included with every ESPRIT refractor.

/ Thread-on Field Flattener / 3” CNC Machined 11:1 Rotatable Dual-Speed Linear Power Focuser / 2” Thread on Adapter / 2” to 1.25” Adapter / Canon Camera Adapter / Tube rings with “V” Series Dovetail Bar / Alluminium foam-lined case / 28mm Eyepiece